Massive Workouts® elite athletes and team program makes accessible to you the most thorough testing and training program available. Our work is collaborated with our peak performance partners, sport injury and physiotherapy clinic Your Health Solutions based in Wetherill Park. Whether receiving treatment as a team or an individual player, you will first undertake non-evasive clinical tests to determine the strength of your movements and musculature. Once this is done, the results are delivered to Massive Workouts to take specific training to levels that cannot be delivered anywhere else.

We have trained swimmers, wrestlers, soccer players, netballers, cricket teams and rugby players with great success. One of our greatest victories was with Parramatta FC, a soccer club, being promoted from second division to the top flight in a season where they went through 100% injury free.

With the specific training technique chosen after the movement analysis by YHS, you either on your own or as part of a team will be stronger physically and faster than ever before, primed to get the most out of your season or sporting event.

Massive Workouts® elite athlete program does one thing- it makes champions!