Our philosophy for Team Massive® Junior (TMJ) is to help fight obesity levels in children by getting them involved in the "TEAM" community of physical fitness at Massive Workouts.

Our goal at Team Massive® Junior trainers is simple: Help youth develop a love for fitness and team training that will lead to life-long passion about sport and physical activity. Our programs combine sport, fitness and fun and are delivered by our amazing coaches, who are all mentored by Massive Workouts co-founder Sonia Gonzalez, a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in the Child and Adolescent field.

At TMJ no 2 sessions are ever the same to ensure children stay engaged and continually improve a range of motor skills and fitness components. Our juniors are taught exercises that centre around 'play' and 'discipline' and include the functional movements of: pull, push, run, throw, climb, jump and lift to become well-rounded athletes. Our philosophy focuses on the importance of physical activity for 'life', which includes covering the importance of good nutrition and hydration in each session.

Our TMJ program is split into 2 age groups to maximise development, fun and engagement of all the kids involved;

  • TMJ  under 8’s (5 – 8 year olds – kindy to year 3). Tuesdays and Thursday 4:15pm start
  • TMJ under 12’s (9 – 14 year olds – year 4 to year 6). Tuesdays and Thursday 4:15pm start
  • Speed and Movement Academy (6 - 12 year olds) PARKOUR for kids. Fridays 4:15pm start


We run every school term, 4 terms a year (all 10 weeks).

Overall, TMJ is about so much more than physical improvements. TMJ helps children build confidence and self-esteem, and foster friendships all while being guided by great role models. Our focus is two-fold:

  • Increase our junior’s stamina, strength, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, balance and fundamentals of parkour moves and techniques
  • Teach the importance of 'fair play', teamwork and commadiere

Through this, we help our juniors grow in self-confidence and self-awareness, which leads to happier, more co-operative children who are not afraid to challenge themselves!

We are registered providers for BOTH the Active Kids and Creative Kids program! Redeem upto $300 with Massive Workouts.

TMJ doesn’t just prepare children for fitness - it prepares them for life - Contact Us now!

Massive results at our AWARD winning venue!

(winners of the BEST Fitness Centre @ the Local Business Awards)

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Some of our junior future champions