TEAM MASSIVE® TEENS (TMT) is a youth tailored program that is developed to teach your teen how to train to get into the best physical shape of their life all while being mentally focused and motivated in a fun, safe and family friendly environment. TMT is more than just fitness training- It’s a life skill! TMT is a program centred to bring about physical improvements for your teen as well as to build confidence, self-esteem, foster friendships, teach team camaraderie- all the while being guided by great role models who really care! Our trainers are all mentored by Massive Workouts co-founder Sonia Gonzalez, a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in the Child and Adolescent field.

The life of a teenager can be demanding. With assessments, exams, school, study, sport, social groups, social media and more; teen’s live busy lives and they have much to get through every week. At Massive Workouts we believe that the best way to deal with all of life’s demands as a TEEN is to actually get fit, stay positive and be healthy. Research in this area would agree, with studies showing a significant positive effect in the wellbeing and sense of self for youth after high-intensity interval training and/or resistance training.

Sure there are team sports, dance schools and self-defence options for teens, but at Massive Workouts, we have highly qualified coaches that will be teaching your teens about movement and their bodies in non-competitive, non-violent, balanced, male and female friendly environment. Our program combines fitness with bootcamp style training methods with personalised classes, where no 2 sessions are ever the same. This ensures that our TEENS stay engaged and show physical improvements. The TEENS at Massive Workouts® learn all basic movements’ techniques such as squatting, core activation, lightweight training and body weight movements and gradually we increase the intensity of their workouts every week.

The quality of the teens that attend massive are all smart, driven and focused individuals. They are always out to give it their best and they have a bright future ahead of them. I personallywouldn’t send my teen anywhere else if they wanted to get fit and active.

We are registered providers for BOTH the Active Kids and Creative Kids program! Redeem upto $300 with Massive Workouts.

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