Who are we?

Massive Workouts® is a dedicated fitness brand that delivers NO NONSENSE Results Based Training (RBT) in a team environment for the people in our community with high ambition.

We engage our clients in various forms of physical and psychological training to support both their individual goals and our team objectives. More specifically, we are EXPERTS in our field.

Founder James Wanna- trainer, coach, mastermind- who is always redefining limits and setting the bar high, a leader not a follower; along with his wife, co-founder Sonia Gonzalez- Clinical Psychologist who motivates, mentors and oversees the massive operation… together they created MASSIVE WORKOUTS® and TEAM MASSIVE®. A place like no other.

Whether you’re an adult or youth, competitive athlete or just someone determined to make a positive change in your life, we can cater for you in either a group or team setting or on a one to one basis. It’s your call. It's your life!


What we Do

Massive Workouts® leads by example. We cannot be replicated. Established in 2009. We are the first and we are the biggest.

We train HARD, we get RESULTS, we improve lives and we make a difference.

Whether it be in group sessions, team conditioning or personal training, we use the highest quality equipment in a state of the art training facility with tried and tested techniques.

Massive Workouts® will get you to your destination- wherever that may be…


What we offer

We offer variety. No two sessions are ever the same!

We cater for the mass. We handle numbers. We embrace it.

We work structured sessions with a purposeful build-up of intensity week by week.

We assess YOU with our Body Scan Scale system like no other- all in house.


Call it BOOTCAMP, call it Cross-Training, call it Team Training- we call it MASSIVE WORKOUTS®- Results Based Training.



Massive Workouts® essentially is TEAM MASSIVE®. A group of like-minded people, where good enough is simply NOT enough.

We don’t settle for mediocrity. We are always pushing to better ourselves, both physically and mentally.

Tenacity, skill, speed, endurance, power, challenge, performance is at the centre of our core training beliefs.

We are like no other.


Our success stories

Changing lives, raising the standard and making champions.

Massive Workouts® has been associated with professional athletes and sporting clubs since our conception.

TEAM MASSIVE® has competed and won numerous events. We win titles, which shows the level of members that train at Massive Workouts® and the type of individuals we have mentored and developed.


Our Disclaimer 

This website is only a small window into our training methodology and how we operate. The view through this window is incomplete.

We don't post everything we do, or everything we believe.

YOU see what WE show you.

If you want to know more- you know where to find us!


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