Ladies bootcamp is a training course designed for women who want to lead by example in their professional and personal lives. Mothers, grandmothers and young singles alike all participate in this high intensity fitness course that is modeled on the Massive Workouts® bootcamp ideology with a female orientated tilt.

The pace of these workouts is fierce and it’s a great place for like-minded strong women to unite. The ladies at Massive Workouts® lift to every challenge and participate in high intensity weight and cardio workouts that are designed to have them looking lean and feeling strong.

Massive Workouts® HQ is also a child and baby friendly venue that has a designated play area for your little ones and a pram bay, so that you can work-up a sweat while your children watch and play. At Massive Workouts®, we love our fit ladies – don’t hesitate to pump up and sign up now for our current 12 week course.

If you are keen on joining us, either head to our Memberships page or fill out free seminar form below:

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Some of our many Massive Ladies