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If you're serious about your fitness or weight-loss program, you need to have a baseline with which to assess your progress...and body composition scanning using our in-house medical grade Body Scan machine will give you exactly the start you need!

A Body Composition Analyzer is significantly more accurate than underwater weighing, Bodpod, bioelectrical impedance and skinfold (calipers) measurement, and scales and most importantly it uses NO radiation.

This technology provides the best solution for people wanting highly accurate body composition information to assist with their fitness training or weight-loss program.

Along with advice from our personal trainers a Body Composition Scan will help you achieve your goals!

Many professional athletes and sporting teams around Australia use body composition scanning as an integral part of their elite player training programs. The results can then be used to monitor the progress of each individual player, allowing their program to be separately modified to produce optimum results for maximum performance.

In summary our scanner measures:

- Total body fat mass

- Total body muscle mass

- Total bone mineral density

- Body Fat Percentage

- Basal Metabolic Rate

- Bone Mass

- Visceral Fat (the bad fat around your organs)

And most importantly i gives you a 'physique rating' comparing your results to the normal/average result using WHO guidelines. Our scanner tracks your changes using progress analysis software.

Item number: BS001

Price: AUD $70.00

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